UNICEF Clean Water Program

Walking around Kuala Lumpur yesterday I came across the below thought provoking statement from UNICEF. It made me stop and think and do some research when I got back to the hotel.


Maybe it’s just my ignorance as I did know UNICEF focuses on children but I did not realise UNICEF had such a focus on clean water as I was drawn to their statement…

Since 1990, thanks to the work of UNICEF and its partners, some 2.6 billion people have gained access to clean drinking water. Ninety-one percent of the global population now has improved drinking water and that number is growing.

UNICEF works in 100+ countries to give children and families clean, safe drinking water; teach healthy hygiene; and provide access to toilets and sanitation – click on this link to the UNICEF Water Map to see where they are focusing.

Living in South East Asia you become more aware of good sanitation but at the same time you can forget how bad it still is for some countries and people because in South East Asia the water is fairly good and most people have access to good drinking water.  So it is interesting to remind one self that Africa and other parts of Asia still have some way to go.

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