5 Years in Kuala Lumpur

It has been over 5 years since I started coming to Kuala Lumpur intensively for work and then to live. 

This week because the Intercontinental Hotel could not get me a room – something I am not impressed about as I have been staying with them for almost 12 months now – I have reverted back to the KL Hilton which is where I spent over 6 months of my life 5 years ago, commuting weekly, before the family eventually moved to KL to live.

Staying here lets me reflect on how much KL is changing. The KL Hilton is now one of a set of hotels around KL Sentral. There is yet another huge new mall and going for a run this morning around the park showed much development and improvement of facilities within the park and the area.

But probably the biggest change over the past 5 years is the improvement and focus on quality.  Reflecting on my first thoughts 5 years ago I had often said that quality was forgone for quantity. Everyone had to have everything and so cheap was the go and no one focused or cared about quality – it was consumerism gone wild.  Now you see a very different KL.

To me coffee shops are the epitome of this and a way to tell the real heart beat of a city. So as I sit in a little cafe – that is quickly becoming a daily haunt – sipping my Piccolo Latte where the brew is perfect and the milk especially imported from Australia, I can see the change in KL and the chance that this city has become something.

BTW…Quantity and the value for money has not changed given I have two coffee’s in hand with the 2 for 1 offer prior to 10am 🙂

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One Response to 5 Years in Kuala Lumpur

  1. pearly says:

    I visited there once his year, i forgot the name of hotel i stayed but it was near china town. KL is really good all i saw negative was a few uncleaned roads. But at the same time it was awesome to see how they put the market(china town market) without doing holes on street or any damages and how they remove and clean the area so well that if we go there again we wont even know if there was any kind of market! I don’t know about the changes but yeah good to know them 😀 thank you.

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