A Day out in St Kilda

Yesterday was the first time I had all the family together for over 8 weeks and, as Moo had a rare Saturday off work, we headed into St Kilda for brunch and to hang out.

20151128SHC 02 Day out in St Kilda

Brunch was vegetarian – as selected by Moo – at the Sister of Soul Cafe in Acland Street. A great menu with our two favourites being my cold pressed Juice (Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Lime, Apple, Coconut Water, Spirulina) and Kerrie’s choice of the Sister’s Soy Porridge (house brewed soy chai quinoa porridge with pepitas, walnuts, chia seeds,   dried cranberries and seasonal fresh fruit).

20151128C 02 Day out in St Kilda

20151128C 04 Day out in St Kilda20151128C 06 Day out in St Kilda

20151128C 10 Day out in St Kilda

Luna Park was open and as such I could not resist taking the girls on the 103 year old Scenic Railway roller coaster. It opened in 1912 and claims to be the world’s oldest continually running roller coaster. It is a wooden roller coaster and you feel every bump but the view are spectacular.

20151128SHC 18 Day out in St Kilda

20151128SHC 15 Day out in St Kilda20151128HTC 02 Scenic Railway - Day out in St Kilda

The day was spent exploring Acland Street and the beach with Ruby in tow. A quick mention for lunch at Falafel Xtra on Acland Street which has been there from the time I lived in St Kilda which is now over 20 years. We all enjoyed these crunchy little falafel balls in pita.

20151128SHC 19 Day out in St Kilda20151128SHC 20 Day out in St Kilda

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