Molly – Life as a Year 3 Student

As Molly adjusts to working life and the long opening and closing hours and having to juggle adult challenges…here is a little reminder to her and all off of us on how simple things were as a 9 year old back in Year 3…

Life as a Year 3 student at Yarralumla PS

My life as a year three student is pretty good. Not good good because school is so boring. My friends so far are Anna, Ella, Mary, Annie and Laura. At lunch and recess sometimes me and Anna do skipping, play with Laura or talk.  My favourite subjects is reading and sport.  Just lately year three have been doing ACTAP it is a big test to see what you know.  On week six we are going on a camp to Birrigai. On September the 6th we are doing a play with Ms Roberts. The play is odyssey. At the library Mr Cox is the librarian also the deputy principal (Mr Cox is very funny). Ms Nott is our principal. Last term we did a pulley for competition and we won. This term I hope it will be a good term and a fabulous year.
Molly Batrouney 16/8/2006


2006 41 Molly Year 3 Journal - YPS

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