Viper 2 Four

It has taken a week to recover in order to be able to write this post…but last weekend Kim Hong, Hui Mei, Amanda and myself competed in the 24 hour Viper Challenge – #Viper2Four.

20151206FB 04 At The Finish Line - Viper 2 Four

20151205GP 03 Start - Viper 2 Four

Viper 2 Four started at 8:30am Saturday 5th and finished at 8:30am Sunday 6th…10km laps in and around the Malaysian jungle mud with around 15 obstacles each lap…we ran as a team of 4 where 2 people had to be on the course at anyone time…the intent is to complete as many laps as possible in 24 hours.

20151205GP 06 Inner Tube Obstacle - Viper 2 Four 20151206P 03 Hui Mei on Last Obstacle - Viper 2 Four

20151206P 04 Hui Mei on Last Obstacle - Viper 2 Four

The top individual completed 15 laps while the top team completed 11 laps…we were down at 4.5 laps…OK not great but given outside of myself the team have never done anything like this it was a monumental effort…neither of the girls had run more than a few km’s before and now they both completed over 20km’s.  With my personal effort I was happy as I did the first 3.5 laps back to back, which meant a solid 35km’s, and I managed to complete all obstacles.  The half a lap was because lightening caused a quick break and so Amanda and I had to start again!!!

20151205SN 01 Swing Obstacle - Viper 2 Four

20151205SN 02 Log Crawl Obstacle - Viper 2 Four

20151205SN 03 Tube - Viper 2 Four

20151205SN 04 Water Tube - Viper 2 Four

20151205SN 05 High Wall - Viper 2 Four

A truly proud team at the end of the 24 hours with Hui Mei getting her first every sporting medal!!!

20151206P 10 Finsiher Medals - Viper 2 Four

20151206FB 01 Viper Finish Medal - Viper 2 Four 20151206FB 03 Finisher - Viper 2 Four

For Amanda another first was to spend her first ever night camping in a tent…was funny to see all these first as they are experiences that I just take for granted living in Australia.

20151205P 04 Campsite - Viper 2 Four  20151205FB 02 Dinner - Viper 2 Four

Throughout the 24 hours we all had to tackle personal challenges…Kim Hong did muscle damage early on and yet still competed 30km’s…Hui Mei had to concur a 5 meter drop into deep water which is amazing when you cannot swim…Amanda had to manage to go over 3 hours without eating…and I had to put up with Amanda talking about food constantly for 3 hours 🙂

20151205GP 01 Start - Viper 2 Four

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