Fun in the Surf – Ocean Grove

Presently it is Boxing Day and we are back in Melbourne waiting for the rain to disperse so we can head down to the Boxing Day Test Match (Cricket).  While I would rather be at the Cricket, it does give me a chance to catch up on the blog on our family adventures. I have a lot to cover after a week down at the Beach House and Ocean Grove, without Internet.

The big achievement for the past week was Em learning to surf and managing to consistently get up on the Surf Board. It was great fun each day heading down with the boogie board and surf board and jumping into the waves.


Being only 200m from the beach makes a big difference as it is easy to just suit up and head down, even if only for a half hour surf or a walk and play with Ruby.  Ruby loves the beach…as you can see by her doggy smile!!!

20121222C 09 Ruby - Ocean Grove Christmas

Em is the most keen to hit the beach ensuring that she goes at least once a day into the surf. Molly is more chillaxed preferring to head down for a bit of yoga and stretching on the sand.

20151219GP 02 Beach - Ocean Grove20151219GP 20 Beach - Ocean Grove

20151224GP 07 Beach - Ocean Grove

20121222C 02 Ocean Grove Christmas

We even managed to get my mum down to the beach…although no swim suit yet!!!

20121222C 11 Ocean Grove Christmas

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