The 2015 Santa Photo

Our first Christmas at Ocean Grove gave us a chance for a Santa Photo with Santa in Board Shorts.

2015 Santa Photo

20151224N 07 Santa Photos20151224N 14 Santa Photos

As we had to travel back to Melbourne Christmas day we decided to do presents and our Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve. Teenagers let you have a slower Christmas as toys change to Bluetooth speakers, clothes including many sets of bras and an Instax Camera for Molly.

20151224N 48 Christmas Eve - Ocean Grove20151224N 51 Christmas Eve - Ocean Grove

The Instax Camera was because Emily had written to us that her Instax Camera had broken early on at Marshmead and so we bought her a new one and took it down on Parent Visiting Weekend. However at Parent Visiting Weekend Kerrie put the batteries in Emily’s old camera the correct way around and guess what – it worked!!!  So we now had a second camera to gift to Molly Smile

20151224N 01 Santa Photos20151224N 58 Christmas Eve - Ocean Grove

The other upside of teenagers at Christmas is that Kerrie and I both got stockings.  Both had chocolates while mine had the  added surprise of two Myer Santa Photos.  Two photos because in one Emily looked her best while in the other Molly thought she looked best.

It is worth noting that Christmas Dinner was vegetarian in support of Emily’s Weekday Vegetarian direction.

20151224C 01 Christmas Dinner20151224C 07 Christmas Dinner

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