Boxing Day Test

This year was our first Cricket Boxing Day Test at the MCG as a family – the match was Australia versus the West Indies.

20151226C 05 Boxing Day Test20151226C 03 Boxing Day Test

20151226HTC 01 Boxing Day Test20151226HTC 03 Boxing Day Test

As far as Boxing Day tests go the day was a bit of a fizzer. It was delayed an hour with rain and then the West Indies bowling was some of the worst seen. Apart from the first half hour of Warner hitting a series of fours the rest of the day was just a slow run fest for Australia – only 3 wickets for the day.

20151226C 02 Boxing Day Test20151226C 10 Boxing Day Test

20151226C 11 Boxing Day Test

Really the highlight was watching drunk supporters being evicted by the police, especially once boredom had fully set in for the evening session after 5pm.  The latest trend seems to be the “beer snake” where supporters collect as many used plastic beer cups as they can and stack them all together to make a beer snake.  Some of these spanned 6 to 8 people before exploding into a mess of cups and beer dregs over everyone.

20151226HTC 05 Boxing Day Test

20151226C 12 Boxing Day Test

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