Weekend in Jakarta

A long overdue post mainly because I left my camera in a Taxi in Jakarta while getting out at the airport…luckily good friend JG was on his way to an alternate terminal in the same taxi and recovered my camera. It was several months later before our paths crossed again so as I could get my camera back.

The overdue post is for a weekend back in July when I nicked over to Jakarta, from Kuala Lumpur, to catch-up with JG. Not really much sight seeing more just a lot of talking and eating while enjoying the club lounge at the Ritz Carlton.

20150719C 42 Ritz Carlton - Jakarta

However we did head out Sunday morning to Merdeka Square and the Museum Nasional.

Merdeka Square

Merdeka Square is a large, one square kilometre square, in central Jakarta with the National Monument in its centre. There is not much in the square but on weekends it is worth a stroll to people watch as many Indonesian families gather to play and picnic.

20150719C 01 Merdeka Square - Jakarta

20150719C 05 Merdeka Square - Jakarta20150719C 12 Merdeka Square - Jakarta

Museum Nasional

Just up from the main roundabout entrance to Merdeka Square is the Museum Nasional. This museum is worth the visit just overview of the various cultures and races that make up Indonesia. There is huge diversity amongst Indonesians throughout the various islands and a visit to the Museum Nasional helps put a lot of this into context.

20150719C 21 Museum Nasional - Jakarta

20150719C 19 Museum Nasional - Jakarta

20150719C 22 Museum Nasional - Jakarta20150719C 29 Museum Nasional - Jakarta

20150719C 31 Museum Nasional - Jakarta

Jakarta is an interesting city because it doesn’t try to put on a show. A number of other Asian capitals try to portray a level of sophistication and wealth above their means but Jakarta is what you see…nothing flashy or glitzy just people getting on with life in a heavily populated and poverty stricken country.

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