News Year Hiking with Em – Climbing Mt Buffalo

New Years Eve was a bit different this year as Em and I hiked 25 kilometres up and over Mount Buffalo to bush camp in the middle of no where. We then did a further 13 kilometres New Years Day to make our way back out – so 38 kilometres in total!!!

Mount Buffalo

20141224C 44 Mt Buffalo

We left Melbourne at 6:00 am t arrive at the base of Mount Buffalo at 9:30am for the start of our initial 11km climb upwards to the top of the Gorge and Mt Buffalo Chalet via the Big Walk Track.

Em – Pack loaded and Ready!!!

20151231P 01 Mt Buffalo Hike

Start of The Big Walk – All up hill!!!

20151231P 03 Mt Buffalo Hike

This epic walk started at Eurobin Creek Picnic Area where we left the Jeep for our return the next day.  After a bit of fun on the swing bridge at the start we did an immediate tough 2km climbing 370m.  Poor Em immediately got bad blisters on her heels from this initial climb and this would see her be in some pain for the hiking of the next two days.

20151231P 05 Mt Buffalo Hike20151231P 12 Mt Buffalo Hike

20151231P 14 Mt Buffalo Hike20151231P 18 Mt Buffalo Hike

After the initial hit it was easier going to the half way point at Mackey’s Lookout. At 920 metres it is a great view of the Aussie Alps as was the walk to it through Bracken Ferns and Candlebark Gums.  Still all uphill just not as steep as the initial climb.

20151231P 22 Mt Buffalo Hike20151231P 26 Mt Buffalo Hike

20151231P 30 Mt Buffalo Hike

The next 1.2km’s was tough going again up to Marriott’s Lookout. The track was over steep rocks and with switch back after switch back it felt like a lot of walking but going nowhere. However the view at Marriott’s Lookout of the Gorge was fantastic and so a great spot to stop for lunch – Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwiches for me and Brie Sandwiches for Em.

20151231P 31 Mt Buffalo Hike20151231P 35 Mt Buffalo Hike

20151231P 38 Mt Buffalo Hike20151231P 40 Mt Buffalo Hike

20151231P 41 Mt Buffalo Hike

20151231P 43 Mt Buffalo Hike20151231P 44 Mt Buffalo Hike

The walk up to Marriott’s Lookout gave us a chance to refill water bottled from one of the many small streams. Three hours and we had both already consumed several litres each of water.

From Marriott’s we had the back half of the climb up through Snow Gums and eventually onto the spectacular views of the Gorge.

20151231P 51 Mt Buffalo Hike20151231P 54 Mt Buffalo Hike

20151231P 55 Mt Buffalo Hike20151231P 58 Mt Buffalo Hike

At the Top – Chalet in the Background

20151231P 60 Mt Buffalo Hike

The Gorge

20151231P 67 Mt Buffalo Hike20151231P 68 Mt Buffalo Hike

20151231P 74 Mt Buffalo Hike

Now after reaching the top of the Gorge and the Mt Buffalo Chalet any normal person would call it a day. For Em it was where I gave her the unfortunate news that we had another 14km to go…albeit somewhat flatter…to out campsite for the night. The first part of this was a pleasant 2km to Lake Catani where she would be able to have a good rest and soak her feet. We reached the lake around 3:30pm and stopped for about an hour.

20151231P 84 Mt Buffalo Hike20151231P 88 Mt Buffalo Hike

20151231P 90 Mt Buffalo Hike20151231P 95 Mt Buffalo Hike

The final 12km had us pick up our pace from the 2km per hour up hill to a 4km an hour pace. This saw us make it into the Rocky Creek Campsite around 7:30pm – an hour before sunset.

We took the Long Plain Track from Lake Catani and then Mac’s Peak until eventually coming out onto the Reservoir Road Fire Trail.

This final half of the days hike took us to exhaustion and to Em’s credit she just trooped on, bad blisters and all.  We both were not happy to see the last few kilometres head down hill as all we could think about was the up hill to reverse it in the morning.

20151231P 9902 Mt Buffalo Hike20151231P 9906 Mt Buffalo Hike

20151231P 9910 Mt Buffalo Hike20151231P 9909 Mt Buffalo Hike

20151231P 9913 Mt Buffalo Hike

Rocky Creek Campsite – End to a long Day

20151231P 9917 Mt Buffalo Hike

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