Mount Buffalo – The Return Hike

After the tough 25km hike in, Em and I had the return hike back out New Years Day. Our plan was to hike the 13km’s from the Rocky Creek Campsite to the Buffalo Chalet and try to pick up a lift back down the mountain for the final part.

After packing up camp and tending to blisters we headed off around 8am both dreading the initial 4km climb back up into Mt Buffalo proper. In the end it was not as bad a climb as we thought and we made good progress at around 4km an hour.

20160101P 02 Mt Buffalo Hike20160101P 06 Mt Buffalo Hike

20160101P 03 Mt Buffalo Hike

20160101P 05 Mt Buffalo Hike

20160101P 09 Mt Buffalo Hike20160101P 11 Mt Buffalo Hike

We arrived at the Chalet and Gorge area just before 12pm and setup for a lunch of vegetable wraps. We sat there, getting anxious, watching the cars come and go from the carpark as all looked full and so we thought we would have to walk the final 12km back down the mountain.

Then, as we were getting ready to leave, I noticed a couple about to leave whose car looked empty and able to fit us and our packs. I rushed up and asked them for a lift which they were glad to provide. Em could not have packed up quick enough as she wanted to ensure we did not miss the ride.

20160101P 13 Mt Buffalo Hike20160101P 14 Mt Buffalo Hike

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