Carlton Family Day

Last Sunday was the Carlton Football Club Family day and the Batrouney’s made the most of this with Kerrie, Moo, Em and myself joining my brother and his family and mum and dad and selected nieces, Lilly and Hannah – being Carlton supporters – for a day with the players.

20160206 72 Carlton Family Day

While the girls went from queue to queue to get players signatures, the two boys did their thing with Eli endlessly kicking the footy and Lewis exploring the stands looking for a way to escape.

20160206 17 Carlton Family Day 20160206 32 Carlton Family Day

 20160206 22 Carlton Family Day

20160206 40 Carlton Family Day 20160206 43 Carlton Family Day

20160206 48 Carlton Family Day 20160206 51 Carlton Family Day

20160206 08 Carlton Family Day 20160206 04 Carlton Family Day

A highlight for me was the girls taking photos with Matthew Kreuzer and Jack Silvagni. Jack being the son and grandson of two Carlton greats.

20160206 28 Carlton Family Day 20160206 37 Carlton Family Day

Plus our family photo with Captain Carlton…

20160206 63 Carlton Family Day

This was really a great day and well done to the Carlton Footy Club and Players for enabling this for us supporters.

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