Molly’s Admission Ceremony into Trinity College

A great day today as we moved Molly into Trinity College at Melbourne University. The day was packed with unloading her boxes, attending the Chapel Service at 12pm then enjoying a picnic lunch on the Trinity Lawns (or Bulpadock as they call it) before attending the Admission Ceremony.

20160221C 27  Trinity College Molly Admission

We are so proud that she got into Trinity College.  The college dates back to 1872 and so is steeped in tradition. She is going to make some great friends at Trinity and we are confident Trinity will help her to develop as she transforms through these definitive years.

20160221HTC 11  Trinity College Molly Admission

Molly’s room is on the first floor on the end closest in the picture of the building below or just behind the tree in the left of the same building pictured above.

20160221C 21  Trinity College Molly Admission

Her room is small but well kitted out with a bar fridge and adequate storage. She is in a corridor with a mixture of first years and second years and was immediately making friends.

20160221S 04  Trinity College Molly Admission20160221HTC 04  Trinity College Molly Admission

Trinity has a fantastic choir which together with the immense Tasmanian Oak Organ made the Chapel Service the perfect start to the formal proceedings for the day.

20160221HTC 08  Trinity College Molly Admission

The speeches during the Admissions Ceremony reflected Trinity’s long history and left us feeling emotional but excited for the journey ahead for Molly. In turn each “fresher” stood up to greet the Warden and sign the Admissions Register for Trinity and Melbourne University.

20160221S 08  Trinity College Molly Admission20160221S 11  Trinity College Molly Admission

Lots of sisterly love and organising from Emily saw the end to a great day and a goodbye to Molly – until next Sunday’s Carlton Footy Game!!!

20160221HTC 14  Trinity College Molly Admission20160221C 28  Trinity College Molly Admission

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