Starbucks – Sugar Irresponsibility

I do not normally like to do negative posts but the amount of sugar in Starbucks products is insane and is just irresponsible from a corporate that considers itself socially responsible.

Can you believe this double shot iced espresso available in Starbucks Malaysia comes with 3 teaspoons of sugar? 

 Starbucks Double Shot Ice Espresso

I also saw on the Last Leg, a UK TV Show, the other day where they had one of Starbucks celebration drinks and they showed that within it was the equivalent of a large bowl of sugar.  Utterly irresponsible Starbucks in this growing world of obesity and diabetes!!!

I know the consumer is free to choose but in developing countries, such as Malaysia, the level of general knowledge and health education is low and people blindly trust the big brands such as Starbucks.  In these countries especially the big brands need to me more aware of their social impact and not just chase the corporate dollar.

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