Moo’s O-Week at Melbourne Uni

Moo is 1 month into her University Studies and all is going well. She describes it as being full-on as she jumps into both her Melbourne Uni studies and the many activities and social aspects provided by Trinity College. 

She was super excited this week at having been selected as one of two freshers on Trinity’s Well Being Committee. Moo was telling us that one of the Well Being application questions had a picture of a lonely banana and you had to describe how you would cheer it up.

Her response was a classic.  She downloaded a picture of fruits wearing sunglasses and said she would give the lonely banana sunglasses and encourage it to hang out with the other fruits who looked like a great bunch that were having fun.  She is a Strategy Consultant in the making!!!

She did enjoy herself on O-Week and the many fresher activities organised. They seemed to go non-stop for the week and I have posted here some of her O-Week Snaps. There was a great balance of many formal functions and many fun and game events.

2016 10 Molly Trinity O Week

2016 03 Molly Trinity O Week2016 18 Molly Trinity O Week

2016 09 Molly Trinity O Week2016 14 Molly Trinity O Week

2016 15 Molly Trinity O Week

2016 11 Molly Trinity O Week2016 12 Molly Trinity O Week

2016 17 Molly Trinity O Week

The below picture was a big surprise as Moo ran into her best friend from Kuala Lumpur, who is going to Monash University, while they were both running around the Melbourne CBD.  They are both pictured bottom left.

2016 06 Molly Trinity O Week

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