Emily Movie – Age 0 – 2000 to 2001

Some of you will be aware that for Moo’s 18th I did a series of videos for each year of her life to different Beatles singles. The time taken to do these means I am going to get an early start on Emily’s videos. For Em I am planning to use the #1 ARIA Single at the time of her birthday for that year.

This is the first instalment for Emily and follows her from birth to her first birthday. The #1 Single at the time of her birth was “Music” by Madonna from the album of the same name. Unfortunately Madonna copywriting policy prevents the sound playing on You Tube even though I acknowledge her content and am not making any profit out of this.

The video starts with Molly holding Emily for the first time at hospital. Of course being 3 at the time means that Molly is also on show throughout these early videos of Em.

You see throughout the video Em getting stronger and stronger, moving and kicking more, lifting her head, sitting up and constantly clapping and then eventually crawling.

A minute and a half in you see Em wrapped tightly in her blanket in her cot. We wrapped her up like this often as it got her off to sleep. Otherwise, like she does now, she kicks and wriggles and takes up the entire bed.

Her favourite toy you see a few times which was a mat that she sat in and at one end there was things that whizzed around and made music and noise.

The Yellow High Chair makes an appearance. This was a cheap as wooden high chair that we found at the back of dad’s furniture shop that we painted up…eventually this most basic of high chairs lived through Molly, Emily and my godson Frank.

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