Em the Elephant – Hot Patootie

The 30th Melbourne International Comedy Festival has started. So last  Thursday Kerrie, Em and I headed into town and caught Clara Cupcakes in Hot Patootie at the Butterfly Club.

20160324HTC 07 Hot Patootie - Melb Comedny Festival20160324HTC 09 Hot Patootie - Melb Comedny Festival

This was Clara Cupcakes second show ever at a Comedy Festival and it was an over the top hilarious show.  Highlighted by her high pitch voice as she ran around the audience screaming to terrify us all and then ultimately terrifying us all as she stripped down to underwear to hula-hoop.

Another highlight for us was when Em was called up on stage to be part of an Elephant Troupe…Kerrie had whispered to Em before hand that as she was wearing grey so she would need to go up and to the worst of Em’s fears she was asked to.


20160324HTC 13 Hot Patootie - Melb Comedny Festival

The Butterfly Club is a great venue for Comedy and small acts. A very eclectic 60’s and 70’s décor at the Bar and then two very intimate theatre areas.  It will never be the cheapest place to watch comedy but certainly one of the most atmospheric.

20160324HTC 02 Hot Patootie - Melb Comedny Festival

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