Em is Back in Kuala Lumpur

Emily has joined me for the next two weeks in Kuala Lumpur for her school holidays.

20160330C 13 Em in KL20160329C 03 Em in KL

It was her first international flight by herself and although she said she was a bit nervous she handled it marvelously. Apparently the flight had a sever drop wen it was coming into land, to the extent that she said people were screaming.  But despite that scare she managed to catch the KLIA Express from the airport herself and changing onto the LRT (Light Rail) to get to the hotel.  There was only 1 phone call to me when she could not find the entrance to the KLIA Express.

As I am working during the day she is having to entertain herself which she has been doing with various shopping sprees plus she is actually managing to read her assigned novel for English for the first time Smile

20160331C 06 Central Market - Em in KL20160330C 19 China Town - Em in KL20160330C 04 Em in KL

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