Our New Designated Driver

A trip back to Albury last weekend for Easter gave Kerrie and I the now rare opportunity to head out to the Rutherglen Wineries.  This time both Kerrie and I could relax and try the wines as we had a designated driver given that Molly now has her P-Plates. The 18 years of investment in Moo is starting to have dividends Smile

20160326HTC 01 Peiffier Winery20160326HTC 02 Peiffier Winery

First stop was Pfeiffer’s Winery for a cheese lunch with a chilled Riesling. We chose Pfeiffer’s as it has one of the nicer outside sitting areas and I knew that had a band playing. I also picked up 6 of the Riesling and 6 of the Cab-Merlot to take back to the cellar.

A second stop was at Campbells Winery and this was for Poffertjes plus a second band.

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