Em does Broga Hill

I decided to hire a car given Em’s plans for her weekend in Kuala Lumpur. I needed a car for her first weekend agenda item which was a 5:30am start up Broga Hill on the outskirts of KL.

20160402C 11 Briga Hill - Em in KL

I have done Broga before, refer to Blog Post for the details, and it is a fun 20 minute to half hour uphill trek for some nice views of the Kuala Lumpur area. Lots of people but very few tourists as all are locals which makes the people watching more interesting.

20160402C 13 Briga Hill - Em in KL

Of course we did all 3 peaks…but once you have reached Broga 1 the other 2 peaks are just short walks…the toughest is just making your way through the large number of people.

Em on top of Broga 1, Broga 2 and Broga 3

20160402C 44 Briga Hill - Em in KL20160402C 14 Briga Hill - Em in KL20160402C 20 Briga Hill - Em in KL

20160402C 28 Briga Hill - Em in KL

Em said looking back down from Broga 3, as per the photo below, it reminded her of Great Wall of China but without the wall…just the large number of people walking in a line up and down…not an analogy I would use but Em speaks first thinks later Smile

20160402C 35 Briga Hill - Em in KL

The trek back down is what I enjoy most about Broga…we both were dressed to run and run we did…it is a great little speed trek back down weaving in and out of people going both ways.

20160402C 47 Briga Hill - Em in KL

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One Response to Em does Broga Hill

  1. Beautiful views from that amazing hill, i can’t imagine how wonderful is the night views from there.

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