Em does Batu Caves

For some reason, even though she lived in Malaysia for almost 4 years, Em has never been to Batu Caves.  So we headed their last Sunday…which also let us continue our weekend of exercise as we climb the 272 steps.

20160403C 43 Henna - Batu Caves20160403C 45 Henna - Batu Caves

20160403C 08 Henna - Batu Caves20160403C 10 Henna - Batu Caves

We arrived around 9am and we were lucky that when we got to the top it was pray time…Batu Caves is a Hindu Temple.

20160403C 20 Henna - Batu Caves20160403C 26 Henna - Batu Caves

20160403C 39 Henna - Batu Caves

You are entertained during the walk up the steps by the many monkeys carrying out their mischief. They are especially skilled at knocking the bags of food out of walkers as they make their way up…most of these are people taking offerings up to the temple.

20160403C 13 Henna - Batu Caves

20160403C 14 Henna - Batu Caves20160403C 15 Henna - Batu Caves



After our morning walk up the steps, I sat down to relax with a coconut drink while Em finally got her Henna Body Art for her hand.

20160403HTC 01 Henna - Batu Caves20160403HTC 05 Henna - Batu Caves

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