Emily Movie – Age 1 – 2001 to 2002

This is the second instalment for Emily and follows her at the age of one through to her second birthday. The #1 Single when she turned one was “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by Kylie Minogue from the “Fever” album.

The video starts with Emily walking for the first time. We were staying with Jean and Mark Eame’s in Singleton, NSW.

It then proceeds to a shot of her with her Jidu (Arabic for Grand Father) at her God Mother’s wedding. Followed by several shots from an apartment we were staying at for a few months in Sydney while I was working on a project here.

Christmas is next with her Great Grandmother in the background and her Nana nursing her in the next shot.

The orange outfit was in a hotel room to escape the relentless heat after a hot summer week camping at Fraser Island post Christmas.

Em loved her Cubby House and she spent a lot of time playing. It was handy that at our Ivanhoe House it was on the deck right outside the back door. 

Ivanhoe was a great house for when both Em and Molly were young as I had built a 6 foot high fence across the front so they could run around and play in the entire yard – as the next few shots show.

Easter Egg Hunting was in her English Grand Parents house at Ormskirk. This was her first trip overseas at 18 months.

The Doll House was one I made for Moo for her birthday but it got more use by Em. It eventually went into the Garage Auction when we left Canberra for Kuala Lumpur a few years later.

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