Creating Awareness of the Malayan Tapir

Publika was flooded with mini little sculptures of the Malayan Tapir. A great campaign to raise awareness for these creatures with over 3,000 clay sculptures created through primary schools and child art centers and now on display.

20160423C 20 Malay Tapir - KL

In amongst the 3,000 are some very cute interpretations as you would expect from young kids.

20160423C 17 Malay Tapir - KL

20160423C 18 Malay Tapir - KL20160423C 21 Malay Tapir - KL

Tapirs are large mammals that look like pigs with long snouts. They can be found in Central and South America as well as Asia (Sumatra and Malaysia).

There are five types of Tapir: Brazillian tapir, Baird’s tapir, Lowland tapir, Mountain tapir and Malayan tapir with the Malayan being the largest. All expect the lowland are endangered. Tapirs have not changed much for tens of millions of years and are herbivorous.

20160423C 10 Malay Tapir - KL

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