Trinity College JuttOddie

Moo and the other 2016 Freshers ran the Trinity College JuttOddie on the 16th April as a Fresher tradition for being 6 weeks into the Melbourne Unit Year.

The JuttOddie was co-founded by two Trinity Alumni and is a handicapped obstacle course that all first years are expected to attend.

20160416C 52 jutoddie - Trinity

20160416C 14 jutoddie - Trinity20160416C 20 jutoddie - Trinity

20160416S 19 jutoddie - Trinity

20160416C 28 jutoddie - Trinity20160416C 31 jutoddie - Trinity

20160416C 34 jutoddie - Trinity20160416C 36 jutoddie - Trinity

20160416C 49 jutoddie - Trinity

Having gone to a Military College I really appreciate tradition and the antics that go with many of these traditions. So it was great to see Moo having so much fun and really enjoying College life.

20160416S 05 jutoddie - Trinity

20160416S 21 jutoddie - Trinity

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