Ramen and Beer – Shizuku

The name “Ramen and Beer” is a great way to advertise however Kerrie and I had neither today as we lunched at Shizuku on Japanese Tapas and Sake.  Shizuku is Japanese for ‘droplets’ and they say they took the name because they care about every drop of ramen and each drop of craft beer that hits our belly.

20160528C 23 Ramen and Beer - Abbotsford20160528C 20 Ramen and Beer - Abbotsford

I have been wanting to go to this little place at 309 Victoria Street, Abbotsford for a while as we drive past it often. It did not disappoint to its statement of a menu with creative flair as we chowed down on Pork Sliders, Lobster Sliders, Tuna Tartare, Crab Meat Croquettes and Gyoza with a little Kikusakari Junmai Taruzake Sake.

20160528C 18 Ramen and Beer - Abbotsford20160528C 16 Ramen and Beer - Abbotsford

20160528C 17 Ramen and Beer - Abbotsford20160528C 19 Ramen and Beer - Abbotsford

The Kikusakari Junmai Taruzake Sake was a real treat as it is brown in coluour being aged in the same akita cedar barrels as the hitachino classic ale IPA, sweetness, dry pepper notes, earthy flavour of Japanese cedar & distinctive cinnamon-like scent, made by hitachino nest bee.

20160528C 21 Ramen and Beer - Abbotsford

We will definitely be going back for dinner one night soon for the Ramen and Beer having had such a pleasant experience for lunch.

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