Back to Blogging with a Pint of Ale

I have really fallen behind in my blogging having had to pull some long hours the past few weeks in order to have work to a point where I can at least get some time to enjoy my next two weeks leave in London and Paris.

So after a delayed start thanks to our flight out of Kuala Lumpur hitting a technical issue and as such having to get a later connection from Dubai to Heathrow…I am now sitting in a a pub in Ormskirk, England enjoying a pint and getting back to the blog.

20160618 01 First Ale in England

I cannot complain too much about the flight being delayed…due to my status I get treated very well by Emirates and as we have no kids in tow both Kerrie and I can sit back and enjoy the Emirates lounges…so any excess waiting just means more excess eating for us.

The fact that the Emirates Lounge in Dubai had my favorite Lebanese Sweet being Marmool meant no complaints from my end.  Marmool is a short crust pastry wrapped around crushed nuts or dates…it is very time consuming to make and so it is rare to be able to knock back a quick half a dozen.  Mum used to make Marmool but you would always feel guilty eating too much due to the effort to make.

20160617 01 Mamool - Emirates Lounge Dubai

Our Dubai to London leg left at 2:40am and so I went to sleep as soon as I got on board. Kerrie then took amusement to the fact that when the Cabin Manager came to do his meet and greet to myself as Mr Batrouney he immediately look at the well dressed guy next to Kerrie and assumed he was me and gave him the spiel rather than myself being the scruffy poorly dressed guy on her other side.

Kerrie loves the commotion around this and so later pointed out that I was actually the Mr Batrouney which saw a round of apologies. 

I think she thinks this is so pretentious that she then makes sure it is played up.  She was telling me a story of when she, the kids and my parents were flying back from Los Angeles on flights I had book in my name under points.  As such the Cabin Manager came up to her and welcomed her on board – when she asked why he replied because you are the wife of Mr Batrouney one of our esteemed flyers – Kerrie with her usual wit then said “Well do you want to welcome these two people who are his Parents!!!” – She really played up the situation.

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2 Responses to Back to Blogging with a Pint of Ale

  1. goannasnake says:

    I often fall behind with my blogging. I used to feel guilty but then I decided that I blog for me and anyone who wants to follow me will be ok with periods of randomness.

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