Em off to Ngukurr

We saw Em off last week on what will be another awesome experience for her.  She, and a small group of 8 other girls from MLC, were heading off for 6 days fully off the grid hiking into Kakadu National Park in the North of Australia following which they will then spend 2 weeks at Ngukurr a remote Aboriginal Community.

20160611 02 Em Off to Ngukurr20160611 04 Em Off to Ngukurr

The hike into Kakadu alone is an experience as it is one of Australia most remote National Parks and a true and beautiful outback experience.  Of this we are so jealous as Kakadu is beautiful. 

I have only been there once which was almost 20 years ago when Kerrie and myself spent a long weekend in Kakadu with Clark and Ezna. I remember hitting the local golf course with Clark and we were both wondering why we were given a bucket of balls…hit the first fairway and its 10 cm high bush grass and we then new why!!!

However even though Kakadu will be great…I am really keen to hear Emily’s experiences from Ngukurr. Given the time she has spent in Asia and with the Orphanages, Refugees and Malaysian Orang Asli (the Aborigines of Malaysia), I am very interested to here her experiences and thoughts on the contrast with the Australian Aborigine and how we as Australians support them and how they are treated.

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