Altrincham Market

A lovely place for coffee and lunch on a Sunday was the Altrincham Market.

20160619C 10 Altrincham Market20160619C 06 Altrincham Market

It was a pleasant stroll for Kerrie and I through the streets of Altrincham with Marion and family to catch-up with Kurt and Nicola at the market. Us being slightly late worked well as it meant Nicola could do her magic to secure a table in this bustling foodie haven.

Pints of Ale, Glasses of Cider and Coffee were ordered as we sat down to chat on this English Summer Day – which of course was overcast!!!

20160619C 02 Kerrie - Altrincham Market20160619C 01 Marion and kids - Altrincham Market

Altrincham and close by Hale are known as residences for English Footballers and the well to do…and the market is positioned at this top end…very well setup…great foodie hall…and great foodie stalls.

20160619C 03 Altrincham Market20160619C 11 Altrincham Market

20160619C 04 Altrincham Market20160619C 05 Altrincham Market

20160619C 08 Altrincham Market20160619C 13 Kurt and Nicola - Altrincham Market

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