Ormskirk – Kerrie’s Home Town

A 5:30am jog around Ormskirk, due to Jet Lag, was a beautifully peaceful way to explore this historic English Market Town in the heart of West Lancashire. Home of Audrey and Bill and where Kerrie largely grew up.

20160619C 55 Church St - Ormskirk

The centerpiece of the town is the the 12th Century Ormskirk Parish Church.  As Bill tells me every time we visit…the church is one of the only three churches in the country to have both a tower and a steeple.

20160619C 44 Ormskirk Parish Church - Ormskirk

20160619C 39 Ormskirk Parish Church - Ormskirk20160619C 38 Ormskirk Parish Church - Ormskirk

20160619C 50 Ormskirk Parish Church - Ormskirk

It is in need of restoration but you can still appreciate the beauty of the stain glass windows and I especially like the grave stones lining the surrounding paths.

20160619C 47 Ormskirk Parish Church - Ormskirk20160619C 48 Ormskirk Parish Church - Ormskirk20160619C 53 Ormskirk Parish Church - Ormskirk

The town has 4 market streets / lanes that all lead up to a central clock tower.

20160619C 07 Clock Tower - Ormskirk

Church Street  –  Aughton Street

20160619C 55 Church St - Ormskirk20160619C 04 Aughton St - Ormskirk

Two lovely buildings were the Old School House, now a Furniture Store and the Magistrates Court which has just closed down. What I especially liked about the Magistrates Court was the engraved wordings above the doors.

20160619C 32 The Old School House - Ormskirk20160619C 33 Magistrates Court - Ormskirk

20160619C 34 Magistrates Court - Ormskirk20160619C 35 Magistrates Court - Ormskirk

The railway station has also been recently renovated. It marks the end of the Ormskirk Line from Liverpool.

20160619C 22 Train Station - Ormskirk20160619C 23 Train Station - Ormskirk

20160619C 25 Train Station - Ormskirk20160619C 21 Train Station - Ormskirk

Finally there is the many pubs, most are now operating as other stores, but it amazes me how so many pubs used to survive.

20160619C 01 The Greyhound Inn - Ormskirk20160619C 03 The Queen Inn - Ormskirk

20160619C 13 The Queens Head - Ormskirk20160619C 20 Golden Lion - Ormskirk

20160619C 30 Railyway Inn - Ormskirk20160619C 31 Shops - Ormskirk

20160619C 40 Horseshoe Tavern - Ormskirk20160619C 56 The Buck - Ormskirk

It is a lovely English Town and exploring early morning when no people were around added to the mystic of it all.

20160619C 57 An Old St - Ormskirk20160619C 41 Ormskirk Parish Church - Ormskirk

20160619C 05 Post Office - Ormskirk20160619C 06 Post Office - Ormskirk

20160619C 37 Map - Ormskirk

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