Wheelchair Races – Martin Mere Wetland Centre

There was a little bit of resistance from the oldies as we loaded Aud and Bill into Wheelchairs to take them around the vast wetlands of Martin Mere. In the end I think they were glad we insisted as they could enjoy it so much more.

The Weird, The Wonderful and Kerrie the Beautiful in the Middle

20160622N 77 Martin Mere Wetland Centre

WWT Martin Mere is a wetland nature reserve managed by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) at Tarlscough, Burscough, Lancashire, England, on the West Lancashire Coastal Plain, 6 miles from Ormskirk and 10 miles from Southport.

20160622N 06 Martin Mere Wetland Centre20160622N 08 Martin Mere Wetland Centre

20160622N 27 Martin Mere Wetland Centre

It is sectioned into different areas of the globe enabling you to walk through ducks, geese and birds from Africa, South America, Asia and Europe plus a great hide area with viewing binoculars so that you can sit, relax and look at the local birds flying into the wetlands area.

20160622N 37 Martin Mere Wetland Centre20160622N 40 Martin Mere Wetland Centre

20160622N 61 Martin Mere Wetland Centre

Martin Mere itself was formed at the end of the last ice age when water filled a depression in the glacial rift.  The area has been shaped over the centuries though draining, mining and other activities with the wetlands – primarily being man made to recover the lakes – now taking up  part of the old mere.

20160622N 71 Martin Mere Wetland Centre20160622N 66 Martin Mere Wetland Centre

20160622N 46 Martin Mere Wetland Centre

It was a great little outing to get Aud and Bill out of the house with the variety of birds together with the setting making it very interesting for young and old to walk around.

20160622N 97 Burscough

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