Morning Coffee Run – Returning Moo to College

A delightful find in Carlton many weeks ago when driving Moo back to college one Sunday morning was a coffee from Market Lane Coffee with a pastry from Baker D Chirico. #LoveMelbourne #Foodie

20160529HTC 09 Baker D Chirico

Market Lane Coffee #GreatCoffee is a boutique coffee roastery and retailer, born in 2009 and based in Melbourne. They have a number of stores around the city with their base in the Prahran Market, which is where I first discovered them.

20160529HTC 04 Baker D Chirico20160529HTC 03 Baker D Chirico

Pulling up in Faraday Street in Carlton and ordering a coffee from through the window early on a Sunday morning adds that extra dimension to enjoying the great coffee.  Then taking a few steps next door to Baker D Chirico just completes it.

Baker D Chirico is an #Artisan Bakery with 3 stores in Melbourne. The store in Carlton is beautifully done with lots of natural lighting and all the breads and pastries laid out on display. A Blueberry Tart was purchased to take home to Kerrie.

20160529HTC 02 Baker D Chirico

20160529HTC 01 Baker D Chirico20160529HTC 05 Baker D Chirico

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