Lot 10 Hutong – A Hidden Gem of Malaysian Food in One Place

Are you only in Kuala Lumpur for a few days?  Have you been told that Malaysian Hawker Food Stalls are a must? Now you are wondering which are the best and how to fit them all in? Well the problem is solved with one visit to Lot 10 Hutong in the city center.

20170731C 02 Lot 10 Hutong - KL20170731C 29 Lot 10 Hutong - KL

Billionaire Dr. Francis Yeow convinced the owners of the most famous hawker stalls in Kuala Lumpur to open a location inside his Lot 10 mall.  He wanted to preserve the heritage of these stalls many of which are close to a century old with signature dishes had been passed down for generations, using recipes brought over by Chinese immigrants in the early 1900’s.

I love visiting this place for lunch on a weekend…just sitting there and watching the cooks and the hustle and bustle is an experience in itself…but the food is then another level.

Kim Lian Kee was my first stop for lunch this morning. The original Kim Lian Kee sits in the heart of Chinatown and is best known for it smoky, jet-black Hokkien Mee. KL has its own style of Hokkien Mee that is different from the identically named dish from Penang and Singapore.

20170731C 08 Lot 10 Hutong - KL

20170731C 06 Lot 10 Hutong - KL20170731C 12 Lot 10 Hutong - KL

The KL version is dark and smoky, made from stir frying fat yellow noodles with dark soy sauce, cabbage, pork, and lard fritters over a hot, hot charcoal grill.

20170731C 14 Lot 10 Hutong - KL

Roast Duckking was then my second stop. Specializing in Cantonese style BBQ Meat, especially their signature roasted duck. The duck is stuffed with traditional Chinese herbs and roasted with charcoal fire to perfection until the skin is golden brown. 

20170731C 25 Lot 10 Hutong - KL

Bite into the delicious roasted duck with crispy skin and juicy meat rich in herbal flavors. If you want to try several types of BBQ meats in one go, try their dishes with 3 different BBQ meats of your choice.

20170731C 22 Lot 10 Hutong - KL20170731C 27 Lot 10 Hutong - KL

As I had just had noodles prior, I went simple this time and just got some Roast Duck.

20170731C 24 Lot 10 Hutong - KL

There is so much happening in this Hutong Food Court and so much more to try.  I will talk about a few others after my next visit.

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1 Response to Lot 10 Hutong – A Hidden Gem of Malaysian Food in One Place

  1. Victor says:

    You are eating like a real Malaysian!

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