Men’s Health Malaysia 2016 – PJ Night Run

Just completed my first Fun Run in a long time with the 12 km Men’s Health Night Run at Putrajaya, Malaysia.

20160730 01 Mens Health Run - PJ

My time was not quick but I managed to run most of the way and beat my 90 minute goal by 1 minute. 

20160730 03 Mens Health Run - PJ20160730 02 Mens Health Run - PJ

There was a great turn out as I heard someway say over 15,000 were registered. I need to thank my ride to the event, Cheong Mun Loong, an old colleague from Maybank days whom I had not seen for a while.

20160730 05 Mens Health Run - PJ20160730 06 Mens Health Run - PJ20160730 07 Mens Health Run - PJ

20160730 04 Mens Health Run - PJ

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2 Responses to Men’s Health Malaysia 2016 – PJ Night Run

  1. goannasnake says:

    Congratulations on beating your goal. I must admit that I’ve never thought the words “fun” and “run” belong in the same sentence.

    • David says:

      Thanks – yes it is a bit of an odd statement “fun run” but it is good to see so many people out and about. Developing countries, such as Malaysia, are starting to have huge health issues as they adopt western eating habits and so it is great to see these types of events start to become popular.

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