Running The Tan Track – Melbourne

How can you beat a sunny winter’s Saturday Morning in Melbourne with a run around The Tan and then a coffee on the banks of the Yarra with Kerrie while we wait for Em to finish her rowing.

20160806HTC 17 The Tan Track - Melbourne

The Tan makes its way around the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne and makes it a beautiful city jogging track with its views and a nice size hill climb about 1km in.

The Tan Track was established in 1901 and initially represented an equestrian track (the Tan) down the boulevard of Alexandra Avenue which also had lanes for a carriage drive, a bicycle path and a pedestrian path.

20160806HTC 03 The Tan Track - Melbourne20160806HTC 04 The Tan Track - Melbourne

The name “Tan” refers to the tan-bark surfacing of the equestrian track. The original Tan was only 1.6 km long and was extended in 1974 to 3.8 km by the State Government to create a “Fun and Fitness Track” which is the popular walking and jogging track we now have.

20160806HTC 12 The Tan Track - Melbourne20160806HTC 15 The Tan Track - Melbourne

Ruby enjoyed her walk with Kerrie while I did a casual jog for the 3.8 km.

20160806HTC 20 The Tan Track - Melbourne

20160806HTC 22 The Tan Track - Melbourne20160806HTC 23 The Tan Track - Melbourne

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