Camberwell Dine In Dine Out Food Fiesta

The Dine In Dine Out Food Fiesta was a nice surprise last night as we headed to Camberwell for something to eat prior to seeing Absolutely Fabulous at the Rivoli.

20160806HTC 17 Dine In Out - Canberwell20160806HTC 15 Dine In Out - Canberwell

The pop up park at Evans Place provide great food and great Jazz with Dr Jazz & the Gangsters Palace. 

20160806HTC 06 Dine In Out - Canberwell

Although it was a cold Melbourne night the place was well set up with cover and heaters…although Em was suffering a bit being in her Birkenstock Sandals as she had expected us to be eating indoors…what teenager would go out on a freezing cold night rugged up except for her feet!!!

The Food was great with Wood Fired Pizza, Meat Balls, Cheese Pies, Paella (pictured) and a Hot Toddy with Lamb (also pictured).

20160806HTC 05 Dine In Out - Canberwell20160806HTC 09 Dine In Out - Canberwell

20160806HTC 18 Dine In Out - Canberwell20160806HTC 07 Dine In Out - Canberwell

Although Absolutely Fabulous has not been getting great reviews, I enjoyed it as a bit of fun and humour and escape for the week.  There were some extremely funny moments and as an Australia the Barry Humphries appearances were a surprise especially Dame Edna in the pool.

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