Moo’s Aussie Rules Debut

The scene was set for a big weekend.  Molly’s grandfather had come down to Melbourne for the big event with Josh (her cousin) in tow.

We all rocked up early on Saturday morning to see them warm up and to ensure we did not miss her debut into Aussie Rules Football with Trinity for the Melbourne Uni Inter-College Girls CHOOTY!!!

She was playing full forward and the ball quickly came down to her end…she spent the first few minutes on the ground roaming the packs not quite sure on how to engage and then the ball popped up and in she went…her first touch…and within hands on the ball a tackle is placed and POP there goes her knee…and the worlds shortest Aussie Rules Career has entered the record books!!!

Of course being the diligent dad I have it all on video and put here in super slow motion…


20160827S 06 Molly Trinity Aussie Rules

20160827S 01 Molly Trinity Aussie Rules20160827S 03 Molly Trinity Aussie Rules

To make the trip worse for Dad and Josh…that night we went to watch Emily in basketball to which she proceeded to get fouled out of the game within the first 10 minutes…so not much showing of the girls this weekend.

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