Netball Champions – Em’s MLC Year 10 Team

Due to a rowing meet in the morning we thought Em would miss her Netball Grand final for MLC with the Boroondara Netball Associated. But luckily she was in the first wave of rowing and so we managed to make it.  Lucky because they won and she played an outstanding game as Goal Keeper (GK). 

20160903HTC 20 Em Netball Grandfinal

It was MLC Violet versus Strathcona Supernovas and in a game of defence Em managed to rattle the Goal Shooter (GS) in the first quarter which forced the GS to keep heading up the court to get the ball and in doing so meant there was no one under the net for her to pass to.


They went into the last quarter leading 6 to 4. The opposition drew to 6 all early. MLC then got 2 quick points for 8 to 6 then the opposition came back to level.  Two further points to MLC saw them close it out 10 to 8.  A tense last quarter but Em kept her cool in defence each time the scores came level and forced some good turn overs to which MLC Shooter capitalised.

20160903HTC 14 Em Netball Grandfinal20160903HTC 19 Em Netball Grandfinal

Another trophy for Em’s cabinet!!!

Unfortunately Em was not as successful that evening in the Basketball Semi Final with Cougars. Same with Friday night where they lost 2 to 1 in the Hockey Grand Final – but they made the grand final so one cannot complain Smile

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