Emily Movie – Age 2 – 2002 to 2003

This is the third instalment for Emily and follows her at the age of two through to her third birthday. The #1 Single when she turned two was “The Logical Song” by Scooter from the “Push the Beat for This Jam (The Second Chapter)” album. A bit of a techno song so a bit different than usual for the background music.

We were still living at Ivanhoe while Emily was two and so the entire movie is mainly shots of Em doing things around Ivanhoe – dancing, running, playing, reading etc.

Much of it shows Em stubbornness as she insists on doing things herself and also her runny nose appears often. This video took some editing to remove the shots from almost every video of Molly trying to get the attention.

The second scene shows Em asleep in bed but as it pans in you see their huge hammock of teddies which I had hung from the roof. Being the first two grandchildren on my side of the family meant they were not short of things to cuddle.

There is an early classic scene of Em running through the sprinklers in the front yard with Moo. I had built a 6 foot high fence across the front off Ivanhoe and so they had the whole block to play on…they were always out playing on the front lawn.

Em pushing the chair up to the Christmas tree to put the Angle on top is a split scene with me then lifting her up to the top of the Christmas tree…reason it is split is I had to cut out the scene in between of Moo rushing up the stool to put the Angle on herself!!!

Em was never short of a mumbled word…there is a long scene with her talking about what she is going to draw rather than actually drawing…seems a bit like her approach to homework in later years.

One of my favourite shots of her is 3:10 into the video where she is strolling along the Yarra sidewalk with hands in pockets talking to herself. It really shows the personality she had at that time.

One of the final scenes is her reading to her stuffed toys…she did this a lot over the next few years.

The final scene was Em and me running to catch the Orangutans at Melbourne Zoo and Em struggling to keep her pants up.

Her Birthday Cake that year was a PIG and we are singing happy birthday on the front veranda of Ivanhoe.

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2 Responses to Emily Movie – Age 2 – 2002 to 2003

  1. Jean says:

    David, I love reading your posts, they are always so honest and open. It is easy to imagine you all, as you have such great descriptions of your experiences. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to open the Emily movie, seems Switzerland has some copyright restrictions, doesn’t surprise me….but love reading all of your other updates.xxx

    • David says:

      Hi Jean, I hear from Kerrie all is going well and you guys may be back once Sam graduates. This bigger shock is seeing photos of Sam who is nothing like the shy boy we new in Sydney. On the Videos YouTube has started cracking down so I will need to do the upload version of Em’s Movies without Music.

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