Pho and Coffee – Ho Chi Minh city

We all know that the two foodie musts in Vietnam are Pho and Coffee.

Pho, or Vietnamese Noodle Soup, is more from the Hanoi region but can really be enjoyed anywhere in Vietnam. For me it has to be eaten from a local cafe while sitting on little plastic chairs on the sidewalk!!! 

This is the French cafe influence which adds to the charm of eating locally. The other thing I like is how the condiment plate of limes, salt and chillies is passed from table to table – it lets you say Hi to your fellow diners.

20160916HTC 01 Pho - Ho Chi Minh20160916HTC 02 Pho - Ho Chi Minh

20160916HTC 04 Pho - Ho Chi Minh

If you are less adventurous then you can just try Pho 2000 which is located next to the Ben Thanh Market – the central market in Ho Chi Minh. The locals tell me the Pho is nothing special but this place is popular only because Bill Clinton ate there when he last visited.

Vietnamese Coffee is the other must and you will find coffee shops on every street as Ho Chi Minh rivals Melbourne as a coffee capital.

Vietnam has its own unique method of drip filter through an aluminium pot (Phin Filter) that sits on top of your glass. In the afternoon ice coffee is more popular with a little bit of condense milk added.

If you want to try Civet Coffee then I suggest go to one of the Trung Nguyen chains as it will be 100% Civet because many others will blend – due to the price. The black coffee picture on the right is Civet Coffee from Trung Nguyen at 175,000 Dong (AU$ 10).

20160916HTC 11a Coffee Factory - Ho Chi Minh20160918HTC 03 Civet Coffee - Ho Chi Minh

As an aside, one of my favourite photos of Frank…because it has great coffee in the foreground with the Star Wars Periodic Table (as modelled by Frank) in the background…so combines drinking and reading!!!

20160918HTC 01 Civet Coffee - Ho Chi Minh

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