Negroni – The Second Chapter

A night out with Ian, a good mate from ADFA days, at Fuego, Troika Towers, KL, started with a classic Negroni cocktail served up as the second chapter of an old book – was a bit of effort to read the first chapter in order to get to the cocktail.

20160920HTC 01 Negroni - Fuego - KL20160921 02 Ian McPherson - Fuego - KL20160921 03 Ian McPherson - Fuego - KL

20160921 04 Ian McPherson - Fuego - KL20160921 05 Ian McPherson - Fuego - KL20160920HTC 04 Negroni - Fuego - KL

20160921 01 Ian McPherson - Fuego - KL

Fuego is one of my favourite places in Kuala Lumpur.  It is high quality and unusual tapas with great cocktails – I highly recommend the smoke snails and grilled slabs of meat.

If you try to book you will rarely get in but I always turn up and ask for a place at the bar and have never been refused.

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