Isetan The Japan Store – Kuala Lumpur

I find The Japan Store (Market and Food Court) in the basement of the new Isetan Department Store in Lot 10 a rather special place as it is my escape from the consumer driven malls and tourist traps and eateries that is Kuala Lumpur’s city centre to a small place that exudes quality and style with the slightly quirky and different added in.


This place is both a supermarket of high quality food and the quirky items that you can only find in Japan…for example the huge range of powdered vegetables and berries that you can add to your cooking or to water for drinking…plus it is a place scattered with various cooking pods that offer all Japanese styles of food and drink.


At the far end there are three pods focused on sake, beer and wine and then tea.  These are worth a visit and some time to sit down for half an hour and try a tasting selection at either one of them.  This time I went for the selection of craft beers but I also love the tea stall as the many types of Japanese Teas available are shown so you can smell each individually.


There is a lot to explore and the broader department store is very much worth some time with its contemporary experience giving many pods throughout the store where you can try, do and experience things.


The Japan Store is in the same Lot 10 basement as the Lot 10 Hutong…which I have blogged about previously as a gem of Malaysian Food all in one place.  So for those that are tourists you can experience and take in a lot in this little basement area right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

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