The Eureka Climb with Emily and Her Friends

An enjoyable Sunday morning, last year (13 Nov 2016), was spent making my way up the 88 floors of the Eureka Tower in Melbourne with Emily and her friends Claire and Ruby.

20161113 04 Eureka Climb

The Eureka Climb, as it is called, is an annual fund raising event where participants ascend 1642 steps to level 88’s observation deck known as Eureka Skydeck (the highest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere).

20161113 02 Eureka Climb20161113 03 Eureka Climb

The climb was much easier than I expected with the only surprise to me being how claustrophobic it got and how hard is was to breath as I got near the top of the climb.  Claire finished first closely follow by Ruby and then Emily with all I think between 14 to 16 minutes and then I came in at around 18 minutes for the climb.

20161113 05 Eureka Climb20161113 06 Eureka Climb

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