Emily Movie – Age 3 – 2003 to 2004

This is the fourth instalment for Emily and follows her at the age of three through to her fourth birthday. The #1 Single when she turned three was “Not Me, Not I” by Delta Goodrem from her “Innocent Eyes” album. Unfortunately due to copyright the version of the video I have uploaded does not have Delta’s single playing, instead I have kept the original video sound in place.

The video has a number of scenes where Emily is dancing.  This was common for both Emily and Molly to dance at night and while playing. Emily would often go into her own little world while dancing.

Bobbing for apples was at Halloween time and these early scenes were with the Evans family who were on holiday from Sheffield, England.

A sad farewell to Sarchee, our dog who was very ill, precedes a number of Christmas scenes both at our Ivanhoe home with the Hobson family and then at mum and dad’s in Albury.

Our Christmas vacation that year was at Sea World and one of Emily’s famous tantrums is in the video.  This one was over a ride at Sea World.

There is a small scene from my sisters wedding where Emily was a flower girl and then two scenes of her at the end playing the piano including her first public concert.

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