Moo’s ACL Surgery

Following from my post on Moo’s Aussie Rules Debut…she did in fact end up rupturing her Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and so she went into surgery on September 14th for the repair.

20160914HTC 01 Moo Knee Operation20160914HTC 02 Moo Knee Operation

Post surgery she was in a lot of pain for about two weeks…especially as they take a tendon from your hamstring to replace the torn ACL…a lot of pain.  After this initial two weeks of agonizing pain she then started to recover very well with the support of her physio. 

It would have been 9 months of recovery for her if she had not then damaged her knee again on News Years Eve while partying a bit too hard at the Zouk Nightclub in Kuala Lumpur.  She is now in India for all of January and so we will not know if she was torn it again or just bruised it until she is back in February and gets an x-ray.

It is not mandatory to fix an torn ACL with surgery however if you want to continue to play the amount of sport than Moo does then surgery is a must.

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