One Last Auction for Dad

After Dad retired he still continued to do Auctions from time to time mainly to conduct Auctions for stock clearance or deceased estates etc.  He would do all the setup and of course was the Auctioneer while mum would do the book work on the day. 

It had been a few years since he last did an Auction but last October he was asked if he would…it is I feel probably his last Auction especially as this was done without mum and so Nellie and her kids stepped up to help.

20161029HTC 03 Jido Auction20161029HTC 06 Jido Auction

It was a great chance for the younger grandchildren of my sisters and brother to see their Jido in action.  Most of them were born after he closed down the shop and stopped his regular Auctions and Furniture Sales. My two (Molly and Emily), being older than their cousins, had the chance to help out a lot when they were young.

20161029HTC 04 Jido Auction20161029HTC 01 Jido Auction

When he had the shop the Auctions were every week on a Thursday afternoon. These were mainly second hand goods of furniture and bric-a-brac that people would bring in throughout the week.  He had many regular buyers that would go through the boxes that people brought in with the hope of finding treasures to take back to their second hand and antique shops.  He would primarily sell things by the box so you could end up with a smorgasbord of items.

I was glad that the call of David, when I was a kid, from his Rostrum to go fetch the auction sheet to bring to my Nanna and mum was replaced with a call to Molly and Em each time we visited when they were young.

His Rostrum was a work of art and I wish I had a picture of it.  He built it himself after a fire burnt down our original shop. It had wheels so he could be pushed around the Auction and it, as per most of the things he built, was way over engineered and so was super strong.

Dad was an occasional builder…what he built when I was growing you could guarantee was an engineering feat.  From the digging out and leveling of sand and fence for the pool to his Rostrum to his vegie patch…the many changes of our backyard has never been incremental. 

Part of this I guess was mum as she was never short of ideas for change. Part of it also started when he was teenager with his dad telling me the story of when he was young and wanted to build a chicken coup…he went down to the hardware store and purchase a large load of lumber all of which he put to his dad’s account.  So he had access to bulk materials early on Smile

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2 Responses to One Last Auction for Dad

  1. Jean says:

    Hi David, greetings from freezing Switzerland, we’re now on our 24 th day of sub zero temperatures! I’ve loved reading all your recent posts. Really impressed with your relay for life achievement .
    Baking Anzac biscuits to take into work for Australia Day tomorrow, will be interesting to see what the Swiss make of them.

    Love to you all, XxJean

    • David says:

      Hi Jean, not exactly cold here as we enjoy the summer down at Ocean Grove. The Beach House has been a great investment!!! We keep track of little things you guys are up to with Millie’s Instagram and like to see her and Sam together when she is back from Uni. Molly is in India for 6 weeks working in the Slums and touring…they have a great Uni life don’t they 🙂 Em has picked the classics for her final two years with Maths, Physics and Chemistry – so she has a studious 2 years ahead. Kerrie finished her web developer course and we are waiting to see what is next for her. Take Care. Dave

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