Pudu Market – Kuala Lumpur

A trip to Pudu Market is always an adventure and a must for anyone new to or visiting Kuala Lumpur.  Chow Kit used to be our go to Market to shock visitors but with all the construction going on it is no longer what it was.  Pudu Market however is still in fine form!!!

20170121I7 10 Pudu Market - KL

20170121I7 14 Pudu Market - KL20170121I7 02 Pudu Market - KL

Fish Heads and Chicken Feet…yum yum!!!

20170121I7 08 Pudu Market - KL20170121I7 09 Pudu Market - KL

20170121I7 04 Pudu Market - KL20170121I7 06 Pudu Market - KL20170121I7 07 Pudu Market - KL

A Pet Store had some beautiful fish…

20170121I7 17 Pudu Market - KL20170121I7 18 Pudu Market - KL

20170121I7 20 Pudu Market - KL20170121I7 19 Pudu Market - KL

If I am in Kuala Lumpur for a weekend then I will often, on a Saturday morning, get a Taxi to Pudu Market and then afterwards spend the day walking back via Berjaya Times Square on to Low Yat Plaza and then through the many other malls on Jalan Bukit Bintang. 

This is an easy walk of a few kilometers that will show you the real Kuala Lumpur. You cannot really get lost because you can always see the city as you walk the streets around Pudu and towards Berjay Times Square,

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