South Melbourne Market

Melbourne has a number of great Markets many of which I have written about – Prahan, Queen Victoria, Camberwell etc. Each has their own characteristics that makes them an experience to visit.  For the South Melbourne Market the experience is definitely the oyster shucking and some of the little cafes it has dotted around the outside.

There are two places that sell oysters freshly shucked for eating there and then. My favorite is Aptus Seafoods which is in the middle of the seafood lane.

20170114I7 04 South Melbourne Market20170114I7 02 South Melbourne Market

20170114I7 01 South Melbourne Market20170114I7 03 South Melbourne Market

When Kerrie and I were there last month we also stumbled on the Happy Place. This little gem of a café had a range of healthy and wellness drinks and snacks.  Having had several doses of caffeine for the day and with a full stomach of oysters, it was a change to go for a Turmeric Warmer which was a hot drink of Turmeric, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Black Pepper and Coconut Milk.

20170114I7 09 South Melbourne Market20170114I7 06 South Melbourne Market 

20170114I7 05 South Melbourne Market20170114I7 07 South Melbourne Market

There are many other great cafes.  My advice is stay away from their food court as it is nothing special and make sure you explore the cafes around the outside of the Market facing the streets.

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