Ao Dai – The Echo of the Country – Vietnamese Show

Local veteran Vietnamese fashion designer Si Hoang has created his latest ao dai (Vietnamese long dress) show at Ao Dai Exhibition in HCMC’s District 1, and last night I had the pleasure to attend.

The designer has regularly held ao dai performances for ten years now and these shows have made his reputation and stirred up local people’s interest.

The latest show is named “Am vang dat nuoc” (the echo of the country) with an aim to bring the special influence of ao dai for the audience understanding.

20170311I7 17 Ao Dai Show - Saigon20170311I7 19 Ao Dai Show - Saigon20170311I7 20 Ao Dai Show - Saigon

The show is made up of several parades of ao dai. One parade covers the history of ao dai and the influences on the long dress from French, War Time and contemporary design.  While another parade showcases the ao dai from the mountains and its differences.

In between these parades are various pieces showcasing Vietnamese traditional musical instruments and songs.

The following video is an old stone xylophone…was amazing to see him work his way up and down these pieces of stone.


The following video is the k’ni, which is a fiddle like instrument used by the Jarai people in Vietnam. It is a bowed chordophone which uses the musician’s mouth as a resonator which enables the instrument to imitate certain qualities found in vocal music.


However my favorite was watching this woman play the t’rung (đàn T’rưng), which is a traditional bamboo xylophone used by the Jarai people and Bahnar people in Vietnam’s Central Highlands – it is pictured on the left below.

20170311I7 03 Ao Dai Show - Saigon20170311I7 09 Ao Dai Show - Saigon20170311I7 04 Ao Dai Show - Saigon

20170311I7 01 Ao Dai Show - Saigon20170311I7 13 Ao Dai Show - Saigon

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