Moo Settling into 2nd Year Uni

Moo is all settled into and enjoying 2nd Year at Melbourne Uni.  She has mid-terms coming up next week and is feel confident. Subjects are much harder she says but at the same time much more interesting.

She is also back into the swing of college life and has a great room in a corridor with many of her friends at Trinity. She is at the end of a very long corridor and as such has one of the larger rooms with a corner desk and great view of The Bulpadock.

20170304I7 01 Molly 2nd Year Room - Trinity20170304I7 02 Molly 2nd Year Room - Trinity

As well as study she is back in the parties and the many great events that Trinity has.  Not all partying however as she did coach the Trinity Softball Team and now I think she is coaching Hockey. She cannot play this year due to her ACL Surgery.

20190309I7 Moo Kitten Sitting - Trinity20170323FB 03 Molly - Trinity

20170320FB 02 Molly - Trinity20170320FB 05 Molly - Trinity

20170315FB 02 Molly - Trinity

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