Emily Movie – Age 4 – 2004 to 2005

This is the fifth instalment for Emily and follows her at the age of four through to her fifth birthday. The #1 Single when she turned four was “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5 from her “Songs About Jane” album. Unfortunately due to copyright the version of the video I have uploaded does not have the single playing, instead I have kept the original video sound in place.

At this age Em had a fantastic imagination and often went into her own little world for periods at a time.  This is how the video kicks off with Em on an imaginary phone having a conversation with an imaginary friend. In fact this snippet is from a 20 minute video of Em being a school teacher to a whole imaginary class in the living room of the house we had in Curtin, Canberra.

After some summer shots of Em putting the angel on the Christmas tree, staring as Mary in the Nativity Play and then showing her unique swimming style we end up with seeing an excited Em jumping up an down as she is off to kinder and Molly to school for 2005.

A few more scenes of her playing and then the start of a typical Em tantrum while jumping on the trampoline with Molly.  I cut this before it got into full swing.

Easter in 2005 was with the Glassocks as they visited us in Canberra. Then to feeding the goats at Dream World on the Gold Coast. This was a fun week away with my mum and dad as we all went to Brisbane for Frank Hobson’s christening.  Some great video and memories with mum and dad around Dream World.

The following scenes were from our summer holiday (winter in Australia) in the UK and France.  Frist to see Kerrie’s parents and second for a classic road / camping tour around France.  Cooling our feet in Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park, singing in Concarneau, playing at a campsite in Loire Valley to eventually the excitement of our first trip to Disney.  We finish off with an over excited Em in a playground in Paris and then brushing her Build-a-Bear.

For her birthday party we had moved into our new house in Heysen Street, Weston, Canberra and so she was out on the back deck with her friends to blow out her candles.

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